Kno knew knitting.

I was going to start a new blog, because I think this is about to become more “gluten-free” than “knitting.” But I think I’ll just not make a new blog.


I’m in the midst of being officially diagnosed with celiac disease. I got blood drawn last week and was informed today that the results are ” normal” however, I’m not convinced…well let’s not *begin* this journey with cynicism. So next step is a scope for a biopsy of my small intestine. So now I’m waiting for a referral to the gut doctor.

Oh, btw, Green Gable is still sitting around waiting to be finished.

And I’m an Apple employee now. And I am an iPhone owner. In fact, I wrote this entry from my phone with the iPhone WordPress application. Pretty cool, eh?


~ by kirsten on Wednesday, 30 July 2008.

2 Responses to “Kno knew knitting.”

  1. Oh hello – *there* you are!

    I hope you get a definite diagnosis from the biopsy – blood tests aren’t 100% reliable.

    Stuff yourself full of gluten while you’re waiting! (Have a real pizza for me will you?)

  2. Bless you! It is great to hear you’re about still. Will pray for you. xx

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